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Cratonic basins – their origin and evolution.
Correspondence invited!

Erik Lundin and I are currently taking a break from passive margins and looking at cratonic basins, those mysterious, long-lived and saucer-shaped depressions in the middle of continents. How did they form, what governs their evolution through time, how do they relate to plate tectonics and to adjacent orogenic forelands? I’m currently leading a global project in Statoil on this subject, the Cratonic Basins Study (or CRABs to its members!) It will look at the whole topic from basin origin through to petroleum systems.

I’d like to correspond with anybody with ideas on these basins. Contact me at or through the website. In the meantime, watch the slideshow for some pictures from a recent Statoil "cratonic basins" geological tour of the Cretaceous and Cenozoic basins flanking the Rockies in Wyoming and Colorado.