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Ericdotes - A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson - geologist, polymath, raconteur.

AAPG Wallace Pratt Memorial Best Paper, co-authored with Tor Sømme, Erik Lundin and Bjørn Tørudbakken

Global Chief Scientist and Advisor to the Director at EGI Utah (July 2019).

Table-top geological tour of Texas with Erik Lundin (May 2019).

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society (October 2017).

Cratonic basins — their origin and evolution.
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Announcing "Ericdotes. A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson: geologist, polymath and raconteur", edited by Tony Doré and Nina Morgan.

45 pp, £5 + P&P, available from

Before the term “outreach” was in common currency, Eric Robinson was inspiring geologists and non-geologists alike by highlighting the geology that is on show anywhere and everywhere. Through his massive depth of knowledge, not just of geology but of history and architecture, he has introduced the public at large to the wonders of geology while bringing diverse members of the geological community together. “Ericdotes” is an affectionate collection of stories by just some of the people Eric Robinson has taught, inspired and encouraged.

Nina and I only made contact a couple of years back, through discussions on Nina’s “Distant Thunder” feature in the Geoscientist. The name that kept coming up, as a source of encouragement and information, was that of our mutual friend, Eric. We talked about Eric more at the GA Festival of Geology in 2019; others around overheard and wanted to contribute their memories too. And thus, Ericdotes was born.

Why are we so motivated to gather these stories together? Eric’s kindness and public-spiritedness, certainly. But perhaps, most of all, because he represents a breed of geologist that is becoming increasingly rare. He reminds us of the pioneers from the heroic age of geology, multifaceted individuals driven not so much by ambition as by an insatiable curiosity and love of the natural world. These are the stories we've collected so far. Let's call this Volume 1. If reading these inspires you to send us memories of your own, don't hesitate!

Contents include:

• Eric Robinson – an appreciation, by John Dewey.
• Eric`s geological walks, by Wendy Cawthorne.
• Outreach, before it was called that, by Alan Lord.
• Everything leads back to Eric, by Tony Doré.
• A true polymath, by Don Hallett.
• In the field with Ron Bison, a conversation with Mick Oates & Duncan Hawley.
• Watchet geologist-in-residence, by Philip Powell.
• Eric and Marie Stopes, by Nina Morgan.

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