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Lifetime Achievement Award
from the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society, October 2017.

A wonderful evening at the Natural History Museum for the Petroleum Group Dinner, to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. This is only the second time the award has been made. The first time was to Richard Hardman, former Amerada Hess exploration leader and president of the Geological Society. There is a text of the acceptance speech below, with a few personal views on fossil fuels and the state of the energy industry. There is no standard “prize” for the award, so I chose the rather spectacular 19th Century gouache of Vesuvius erupting seen in the slideshow.

The people standing next to me outside the museum are my two biggest inspirations - my wife Barbara and Erik Lundin, the “partner in crime” mentioned in the speech.

Although I do still miss Diplo ...

Click HERE for the full text of the Acceptance Speech.