Tony`s Newsround

Ericdotes - A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson - geologist, polymath and raconteur, edited by Tony Doré & Nina Morgan
APG Wallace Pratt Memorial Best Paper, co-authored with Tor Sømme, Erik Lundin and Bjørn Tørudbakken.
Global Chief Scientist and Advisor to the Director at EGI Utah
Table-top geological tour of Texas with Erik Lundin (May 2019).
Lifetime Achievement Award from the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society
Visit to Moscow State University with Professor Antonina Stupakova
Cratonic basins — their origin and evolution.
Correspondence invited!
Plate Tectonics and the Petroleum Industry.
A 50-year Symbiosis.
Exploring Cornwall`s old tin mines and the Lizard serpentinites with Barbara
AAPG Distinguished Lecture Program Europe Tour 9-20 May 2016.
• The Arctic: a tectonic tour through the last great petroleum frontier.
• North Atlantic extension and break-up: challenges, controversies and implications.
Doctor of Science presentation ceremony at Durham University
Awarded William Smith medal by the Geological Society (2015).
With Rockwatch children`s geology group looking at the Cornbrash in Shorncote Quarry.
Best Presentation Prize at PETEX.
Presentation to the Houston Geological Society:
The ARCTIC -- A Tectonic Tour through the Last Great Petroleum Frontier (November 2014).