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Table Top Tour of Texas

My “swansong tour” presenting the Cratonic Basins Project to various Equinor offices took Erik and me to Austin, Texas, where we grabbed the opportunity to do an impromptu field trip to the Texas Hill Country. You’ve heard of table-top exercises, right? Well, we discovered a new variant.

By far the best geological exposures we saw were in a “new-agey” shop in Fredericksburg, where some gigantic polished kitchen tops provided some of the most detailed syn-sedimentary faults, desiccation cracks and labradorite crystals we have seen, as the pictures show.

Oh yes, and we did actually get out into the actual field too. The pictures are of Enchanted Rock, the exposed tip of a gigantic Precambrian granite batholith underlying the Llano Uplift, north of Austin.